$100 per student. This is a one-time fee (non-refundable).


$100 per credit hour

2.1 Tuition includes and provides for:

  • Access to Learning Management system called ePortal (BUT not including books and other reference materials).
  • One (1) assessment per course. As students are given 3 chances to pass each course, extra assessments are charged extra USD 100 per course per instance. If the student does not pass the course after a 3rd attempt, the course has to be redone, and new exams can be granted.
  • Printing for one degree/diploma certificate and one transcript when the course has been passed. (Excluding sending originals. Any fee for forwarding will be invoiced separately).

2.2 Late Tuition Fees Payment:

In case of students being late more than one month in paying the tuition fees, the university holds the right to apply a late fees penalty of $25 and/or unenroll the student from the semester, course or year. If the student is over 3 months late in payment, the university holds the right to expel the student totally from the program.”

2.3 Textbooks Fees Payment:

Fees for course textbook(s) will be automatically added to students’ invoice before the start of each course. If the student chooses to get the textbook from a different source and uses the “opt-out” option in Vital Source Verba, the fees for the textbook will be refunded to his/her account.


Printing of extra graduation certificate:

  • $25 per certificate without shipping and $30 with shipping
  • Extra Exams: $250 per exam
  • Extra Grading of assignments: $50 per assignment graded
  • Extra transcript of records: $30
  • Fee for issuing and mailing one extra graduate transcript: $100