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Egyptian Cultural Center

Egyptian Cultural Center is a specialized educational house in the Middle East and a main area of expertise in the international qualifications having partnerships with a lot of international and global business schools and universities.

The Company’s Learners exceed 20,000 professional students in the Middle East. In addition they mainly focus on graduating a new generation of professional global students with the highest and the best educational standards by establishing close contacts with the major awarding bodies, institutions, and universities.

As per as, they also have partnerships with many UK, US, Denmark, Malaysia, and Switzerland international universities and business schools providing opportunities to attain Bachelors and Masters degree top-ups as they help learners to enjoy the international standards more; with plenty of self-confidence, knowledge and highly qualified skills which make it easier in understanding the global issues with a comprehensive view, leading to having the best work opportunities.

As they have a platinum partnership with IFDTO & WFDP which seeks to make a coherent interconnection between peace-keeping and peace-making. In addition, they aim to construct a utopian ideal of a civilization of the finest structure that establishes equitable economy and best cultural practices to ensure equal rights and responsible freedom; besides promoting freedom of thought and speech.