Student Achievement

  1. Student Achievement:

Each program courses contain comprehensive measurements of student activities.

Assessment Strategy:

    • Giving exercises and case study
    • Giving tests
    • Giving assignments based on what is being learned in class

Assessment Details:

    • Assignments/Project (60%)
    • Final Presentation(40%)
  1. Perceived Student Satisfaction:

Each course is evaluated by our students. Each teacher is responsible to discuss this evaluation at final class.

The evaluation is to be conducted before the last class.

Our Target is to have an average during a school semester of not less than 4 out of 5 (where 5 is the highest) for students’

satisfaction with both learning materials as well as faculty.

  1. Completion/Graduation rates:

We aim at having a 75% on time completion rate and a 90% of total Graduation rate.